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Wired = Overtired

Ever notice your little one catching a "second wind"? For example, your child was quietly watching t.v. and is now jumping from couch to couch. Now you are wondering where did all of this extra energy come from and why does this occur?

Imagine that it is your usual bedtime and you are exhausted, but you have deadlines to meet and things to do, so you stay up later. When you finally make it off to bed, it is difficult for you to fall asleep, and you feel "wired." The same thing is occurring with your little one. Your child is missing that optimal window for sleep, making the brain feel as though it should be awake and causes it to begin to produce stimulating hormones like cortisol. This causes your child to become hyperalert, thus preventing him/her from falling asleep easily or staying asleep.

Ways to Prevent a "Second Wind':

- Make sure your little one is getting enough sleep (throughout the night and with naps)

- Naps should be restorative and timed correctly

- Observe him/her for sleepy cues to time sleep (eye rubbing, ear pulling, yawning)

- Do not overstimulate before bedtime - have a calming routine

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